Paddington Central Public Realm Enhancements

London, W2
British Land
Completed 2017
Public realm

Hopkins, Masterplan architect (Phase 1)

Townsends, Landscape architect

Maylims, Main contractor

The Public Realm Enhancements at Paddington Central has widened entrances from the canal side and enhanced the arrival experience.  The public realm at Paddington was approaching its 15th birthday and in need of improvement.  A new entrance to Paddington station has also directed a large number of visitors along the Regent’s Canal through a previously little-used entrance. 

The proposals include constructing new wider walkways, green walls, installing art and high quality paving.  The canal side has been re-worked to create a cohesive, welcoming environment with new benches, trees and lighting.  There is more opportunity for external retail use and active frontages.

Phase 1 of the Public Realm Enhancements was completed in December 2015 and establishes the standard for future phases of development at Paddington.  Phase 2, which deals with Kingdom Street and Kingdom Square, was completed in Feburary 2017.   

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Project highlights

  • Upgrading the heavily used pedestrian entrances to the estate from the canal side
  • Increasing biodiversity using green walls, new trees and potted planting
  • Opening up views across Sheldon Square, adding new furniture and removing clutter
  • Rebalance the space away from vehicles and towards pedestrian use by introducing a linear garden and more trees and planting
  • Create a high quality environment for people to sit, meet, work and enjoy