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John's Corner: Prefabricated Smart Pods

John W | 30 June 2016

Prefabricated smart pods have gained significant traction in the construction industry recently. The steel framed, fully fitted out pod modules are delivered complete to site and placed in position by tower or mobile crane.

The main reason for their popularity is the massive reduction in the number of crafts and tradesmen required in confined spaces on site, as the pods can be craned into their final position by only a few specialist labour gangs very quickly. The method brings reduces the critical path of construction programme, saving main contractor preliminary costs and bringing forward the ultimate practical completion date. The compromise to be considered is that the detail design of the fit out into the structure must be brought forward in the programme. From what we’ve seen in the industry, these pods are most beneficial for:

  • Hotel room pods for low to mid-range hotel products
  • Uber or super prime high end residential units for bathroom/toilet pods
  • Hospital corridors
  • Student accommodation
  • Toilet fit out modules in commercial offices, which are generally stacked in the core