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** M3 BUSINESS CONTINUITY ADVICE - Update 21 September 2020**

21 September 2020

Dear All

This is an update to the previous advice regarding our business response to COVID-19.

In the six months since the pandemic began to impact on business, we have been very fortunate that none of our staff has been significantly unwell and we have remained fully operational throughout.

How we are operating has evolved over this period:

    • We remain in close and regular contact with all of our staff, clients and project teams, and continue to be proactive and work effectively through these altered circumstances.

    • We follow all relevant UK Government guidelines, and have enabled all of our staff to work in our office any weekday and to meet there face-to-face with others when this is helpful.

    • All staff have the necessary equipment and software for remote working, including giving them and clients access to our office systems and allowing contact on normal phone numbers.

    • Since the advent of the pandemic, we have continued to actively review and communicate our protocols, remaining agile in response to evolving guidance and to keep safe.

    • Our face-to-face and site project meetings follow relevant guidance and are supplemented by video or audio conferencing, using the IT application most suitable to the participants.

    • The video conferencing in our office meeting rooms has been upgraded, offering support to ‘hybrid’ meetings for those preferring to join physically or remotely.

    • If the need arises, we remain ready to operate without normal access to the office, with arrangements for full connectivity and keeping our offices safe and secure.

    • Our leadership team continues to monitor and manage this continuously evolving situation and we will continue to update this advisory note with any significant change to how we are responding.

If you have any further questions or queries, please do get in touch with me or one of our Operations Directors.

As these extraordinary events unfold, please rest assured that our energies and minds will continue to be applied to overcoming difficulties and working together to achieve positive progress.

Please stay safe and thank you for your understanding and support.



Mick Mannion

Managing Director

D +44 20 7710 4400