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M3 values the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and personalities our team members bring. We aim to help you make the most of your knowledge and skill base, as well as your intrinsic strengths and weaknesses.

We promote knowledge and proficiencies that make the job part of the job easier – fostering confidence and efficiencies that in turn bolster informed creativity, intellectual growth and a bit more fun. Our culture embraces the teamwork ethic and promotes communication and sharing of experience and knowledge at all levels. Our people feel free to ask, discuss and learn from each other. As a team, we each feel confident to take on a challenge, knowing that we have both structured and impromptu safety nets and ladders to help achieve personal and professional fulfilment.

M3 takes the long term view when it comes to career and personal development. From graduates to seasoned professionals, team members at all levels take the lead in shaping their career paths. We provide the support to help you define your career goals and devise a plan to achieve them in a way that optimises your development and works to your personal work-life balance.

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King’s College London, Canada Water, SE16
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“M3 is always interested in how you are and helps you work to your best, making sure you retain a healthy work/life balance.” Investors in People