to our part in our communities

M3 Consulting is mindful of the immediate and consequential impact of our business activities on the local community, environment and wider economy. We continually strive to make a more positive impact as a company, as part of a wider project team and as a collection of individuals.

By virtue of our part in helping shape the built environment, people are the focal point of our activities. We treat direct and indirect stakeholders with respect and consideration through our projects, operations and everyday interactions.

Our charitable efforts come from the heart. As well as company initiatives, we actively support our staff in causes and community projects that matter to them, through financial contributions and enabling time and resources for volunteering, fundraising, charitable and educational work.



Skills and services offered

We are seeking to continue making the most of our key skills in support local communities and non-profit organisations by offering our staff time and their expertise on a pro-bono or reduced fee basis.

Please contact to start the discussion on how we could help.

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Supporting charity events: Charity 5km run
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Mentoring & education:Skills and advice for local schools and professional organisations
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Everyday project work - making places, sustainability and treating people properly: Regent’s Place

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Support for staff’s own initiatives

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Reduced rate / pro bono / volunteer services and charities and community projects: PM services for Paleys upon Pilers