solid foundations from a hole in the ground

M3 Consulting is a team of talented individuals who thrive on the challenge of devising and delivering successful property strategies and development. Established in 1997, that first major challenge was to lead the conception and construction of a flexible, speculative raft, capable of supporting a million square feet of newly created value and built over operational railways. M3 rose to the challenge on budget, on time.

Since then, M3 has grown steadily, taking the time and effort to recruit and develop our people. Our priority is still to maintain high standards, remain true to our ethos, and do what is right for the client and project. The business has prospered for it.

Today, the raft serves as a solid foundation for a prestigious two building development with a generous lively public galleria. Meanwhile, M3 continues to take particularly complex projects head on and seeing them through from the proverbial hole in the ground to valuable property and community assets.

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Article 50 invoked

Project milestones:
Nine Elms Parkside, Infrastructure works commenced > 
4 Kingdom Street, Practical completion >
Honey Monster Factory, Disposal completed >
1 Triton Square, Resolution to grant
1 Finsbury Avenue, Planning consent

Image: 20 Finsbury Circus


Banking crisis takes hold


Existence of dark matter proved


07/07 London bombings
M3's first Investors in People award


London Plan first published
M3’s Graduate Programme launch


Last Concorde flight

Project milestones:
Broadgate Public Space Enhancements, Programme completed >

Image: Broadgate PSE


Greater London Authority established


The euro launched

Project milestones:
Substantial completion of 201 raft during Christmas blockade >

Image: Ludgate West


Good Friday Accord

Project milestones:
Raft to 201 Bishopsgate, Planning
consent >

Image: Raft to 201 Bishopsgate


1st Harry Potter book published
M3 Consulting established

Project milestones:
Broadgate involvement commences >
Great Eastern Hotel, Planning consent

Image: Great Eastern Hotel